What We Do

What we do

Hands-On Consulting offers guidance and support

Hands-On Consulting provides a systematic process, the Dream Manager Program, to help you articulate, prioritize, plan for and pursue your personal and professional dreams.

The Dream Manager Program was built on the true experiences, written about in parable fashion, in author Matthew Kelly’s The Dream Manager. The Dream Manager Program is a unique approach of guiding individuals, groups, or teams which transforms lives inside and outside of work.

The Dream Manager Program includes coaching on:

  • Dream determination
  • Money and dreams
  • Understanding yours and others’ personalities
  • Improving physical well-being
  • Enhancing relationships
  • Stimulating intellect
  • Expanding professional dreams
  • Becoming a better version of yourself

The Dream Manager Program is a way to gain more clarity around your goals and dreams, experience greater balance in your life, and increase engagement.  Read more about it at: http://karenshulman.com/certified-dream-manager/.

Why Hands-On Consulting and the Dream Manager Program Works

I choose to offer the Dream Manager Program because it moves people forward, rekindling the zest for life that is within each of us.

The Dream Manager Program helps people become happier, healthier, and on a mission to live more fully each and every day.

If your organization is like most businesses, or if you are like most people, a wake-up call is needed to understand that the power to experience so much of what this beautiful world has to offer is close at hand.

The Dream Manager Program is your wake-up call.