What is a Certified Dream Manager?

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When I say to people that I’m a Certified Dream Manager, they normally respond with, “What is a Green Manager?”  Guess that indicates that I don’t enunciate my words very well and that the title is not at all commonplace.  Once people understand that I’m a Dream (not green) Manager, they assume that means I analyze dreams, which I do not.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess again that the job, which goes with the title, is not understood either.   With all this confusion, it has become quickly apparent that a blog post is needed to explain a few things.

So let me start off by defining the role of a Certified Dream Manager—what is it exactly that I do?  I am a life coach, certified by Floyd Consulting, and trained to assist individuals and teams toward dream fulfillment.  So, if you’re wondering, yes, I coach individuals (both inside and outside of work) and businesses (individuals, departments, and/or teams).  What that means is, I help people identify and prioritize what they want to do and be in their personal and professional lives.  I collaborate with individuals and teams to build strategies and action plans to accomplish their dreams.  The role of challenger, nudging others to continue striving, is mine to be, as well, since obstacles and barriers get in the way of people attaining their dreams.  Never a cheerleader in school, I am one now; one of my key responsibilities is to encourage people to become the best-version-of-themselves.  While my clients are not necessarily accountable to me, they are to themselves, and it is my job to ensure that they are being personally accountable.  All this is done while being neutral, a confidante, and having only an agenda of helping others.

So why would somebody need a Certified Dream Manager?  Doesn’t everyone go after their dreams when they’re ready?  No, not really.  Most adults stop dreaming, or I should say stop pursuing their dreams, at some point.  They’re busy, sidetracked, discouraged, fearful, and/or clueless about how to chase their dreams; this is way more common than you think.  And, in the workplace, nearly half of employees are disengaged.  Retaining quality employees is going to be an uphill battle as the economy turns more positive.  Companies need a competitive advantage to create an environment where employees want to stay, continually improve, and be engaged.  Certified Dream Manager work addresses these issues, as well.

As a Certified Dream Manager, whether hired to assist you personally or professionally, I will guide you to dream, plan, and take initiative.  I will help you face your fears and work through them.  I will provide perspective about your capabilities and act as a sounding board.  I will keep you on track and ensure you are being accountable to yourself so that you can achieve your dreams.  I will give you honest feedback to help you improve.  I will be in your corner, because, let’s face it, life is hard and dreams can be very difficult to achieve when you pursue them all on your own. 

Certified Dream Manager work is structured in monthly coaching sessions, all geared to help you dream, plan, prioritize, take action, be more introspective and think more strategically in your life and on the job.  Feel free to contact me to learn more, and hopefully hire me to help you attain your dreams.  Oh, and by the way, you hiring me–that’s one of my dreams!

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