Tips When Hiring a Job Interview Coach

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There’s an overwhelming amount of interest around putting a great resume together; professionals are hired every minute of every day to assist job seekers with creating and/or updating their resumes. It’s obvious that people know the value of a resume – a door-opener to be invited for interviews.

What surprises me, is the lack of attention on the interview process itself. Job interview coaches are not nearly as plentiful, nor do they appear to be sought out for professional guidance. Interestingly, a very good number of job seekers look great on paper and then proceed to bomb in interviews. With little to no guidance to help improve interviewing skills, interviewees, sometimes unbeknownst to them, repeat the same mistakes over and over again, and do not receive job offers.

That’s where a job interview coach can be of great value to job seekers. What should you look for in a job interview coach? Here are some tips to help you assess and understand what a solid job interview coach should be doing for you:

• Review your past interviews with you – what was asked, answered, and how to improve the next time
• Provide you with specific guidance to help you prepare (and I mean really prepare) for future interviews (something I call homework)
• Counsel you to ensure you are in the right frame of mind to sell your skills, abilities, and qualifications and handle any potential interview questions
• Put you through mock interviews, dissect your answers, and identify how to improve your performance
• Provide advice on how to avoid going in to interviews blind (about the company, interviewers, job, etc.)
• Guide you to ask interviewers questions to help you assess if the new company/job are the right fit for you

We recently helped Elizabeth H with her interviewing skills; here is what she had to say about working with us:

This year, I found myself in a career stall, and began seeking employment opportunities. Since I had been at the same job for fourteen years, I was badly out of practice for interviewing, and had absolutely no idea what to expect in a behavioral interview. In such situations, I always seek out the help from the professionals, and my Google search brought me to Karen Shulman’s website, Karen’s coaching style helped me to become more comfortable in an interview setting, and, with consistent practice and her excellent advice, I am happy to say I have landed a job at a considerably higher base pay and more suited to my talents. Thanks to Karen for all of her help and support! — Elizabeth H., Performance Supervisor

The difference between hiring a solid job interview coach or none at all can be enormous. The difference between hiring a solid or poor job interview coach can also be vast. The value of hiring a solid job interview coach can be seen when landing job offers and ultimately a fantastic new job. Please hire me, a solid interview coach, who has her coaching skills sharpened, to help you land your next great job.

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