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There’s an overwhelming amount of interest around putting a great resume together; professionals are hired every minute of every day to assist job seekers with creating and/or updating their resumes. It’s obvious that people know the value of a resume – a door-opener to be invited for interviews. What surprises me, is the lack of.
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When I say to people that I'm a Certified Dream Manager, they normally respond with, "What is a Green Manager?"  Guess that indicates that I don't enunciate my words very well and that the title is not at all commonplace.  Once people understand that I’m a Dream (not green) Manager, they assume that means I.
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Some people have “it” and some people don’t.  What exactly is “it?”  I’m not talking sex appeal or charisma, nor am I referring to extreme intelligence or even material wealth.  What I am talking about is something a bit more intangible, you know, those people who are passionate about life.  Now, I know several people who.
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There are so many reasons our dreams never come to fruition:

            1.  Other people discourage us

            2.  Life gets in the way

            3.  We discourage ourselves

            4.  We make excuses

            5.  We don’t make the pursuit of our dreams a top priority             6.  We are.
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