Searching to Find Your Purpose?

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imagesD3IVIVB9 How Find PurposeHave you or others you know ever contemplated the following questions:  How do you find your purpose in life?  What do you need to do to start living a more purpose-filled existence?  What is your essential purpose?

These questions, and finding the answers to them, are challenging and frightening to most of us.  If we all just took time to sit and contemplate what we are truly passionate about, what we love to do, and what we are good at, we would be on the journey to finding our purpose in life.  To me, it very often starts with rekindling what we did regularly as children, and that is DREAM.

Finding your true purpose sounds like it has to something big, but it does not.  Your impact on other people and the world, in general, has nothing to do with size.  It has much more to do with your unique talents, gifts, and interests.

As Terry Orlick, PhD, founder of the Zone of Excellence and flourishing author says, “The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you, or gives you a sense of meaning, joy, or passion.”  So how and where do you start?  I have an idea.  Start small by the taking time to attend the inaugural Living the Dream Camp for Women on May 16, 2014.  Invest in yourself, network, and listen to inspirational speakers, including Chrys Peterson, Kim Radison, and me who coach others to and are themselves living the dream. 

Dream.  Be challenged.  Be moved.  Be purposeful.  Be one of the Living the Dream campers on May 16th.  Register today and let’s get going on finding your essential purpose!

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