Retaining Employees and Dreams: Impacting the Bottom Line

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One of the wildest ideas I’ve heard of recently is companies encouraging employees to dream while on the job.  A waste of time and money?  Maybe.

The more I think about it though, the less wild and crazy the idea seems.  After all, what’s a sure fire way to guarantee humans are engaged, passionate and hopeful about their lives?  Dreams do that for all of us.  Dare to dream, believe you can achieve, pursue your heart’s desire, and watch energy level, passion, and hopefulness soar.

As Matthew Kelly, author of The Dream Manager suggests, “If your employees are not passionate about their own lives, how can you expect them to be passionate about your business?”

I don’t have to tell you that our economy has been in dire straits for a few years now; the impact on all of our bottom lines has been noticeable.  There are mixed feelings about where the economy is heading in the future.  For those of you who have been able to retain key talent in your organization during this rough period, you may want to brace yourself for some major changes, should the economy improve.

Have you asked employees to take on more work for the same or even less pay?  How long has it been since you gave out meaningful raises?  Has anyone been promoted recently?  How appreciative have you been with your hard-working employees?  Do you think that an environment with more work, less pay, no raises or promotions, and little to no appreciation will promote loyalty to your organization within your ranks?  Let’s face it, once employees can find jobs elsewhere, this type of environment will encourage them to leave.  And the cost of them leaving will be staggering.

If you cannot retain people, how will a mass exodus of employees impact your bottom line?  Recruiting, training costs, and likely higher pay to get the talent you need is what you’ll be facing.

Encouraging employees to dream and helping them take action to pursue their dreams is a smart business idea.  Money is no longer the only answer to help you retain employees.  What better way can you show your employees that you care about them and are invested in helping them improve their lives?  Now that’s an opportunity to promote loyalty, retention, and help your bottom line.

Dreaming on the job makes perfect business sense, after all.  Why not consider implementing a Dream Manager program as part of the benefits you offer employees in your workplace?

To learn more about the Dream Manager work that I do, please contact me.  You can even watch my show called Dreams and Impacting the Bottom Line on Toledo BizConnect TV.

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