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Open the Door to Get Resume Help

If you have a resume and you’re applying for jobs, but nothing seems to be moving toward landing a new position, you may need resume help. Resumes can be tricky to write, and without help with your resume, you may not even understand where you’re missing the mark.

Maybe you’re experiencing issues that so many other people like you have encountered when writing their resumes:

  • You have anxiety and/or fear related to searching for a job
  • You have no idea what employers want to see on a resume
  • You feel a bit lost because you do not know what to say on your resume
  • You may know what to say on a resume, but you have no idea how to phrase the words
  • You have gaps in your work history that you are unsure how to handle on the resume
  • You left a past job for not the best of reasons and do not know how to address that in the most advantageous way possible
  • You are unsure if you really have what is required for the jobs for which you want to apply
  • You do not understand what it takes to make your resume stand out in a positive way to future employers

If any of the above describe your experiences with resumes, then you need resume help.

Your resume is a door opener to get you interviews for job(s) you want. Does your resume advertise who you are and what you can do?  Does your resume sell your skills, abilities, and accomplishments to hiring companies? In other words, is your resume actually opening doors; are you getting the interviews you desire?

As Alexander Graham Bell stated, “When one door closes, another opens; be we often look so hard and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us.” I can assist in making your resume do the talking for you to open up doors to your future employer.

How can I be so sure?

  1. I have successfully coached many others by providing them with resume help.
  2. Together, we overcame the resume-related issues they had been having.
  3. All of my clients have been granted interviews in greater numbers than before the time they began working with me.
  4. Having been both a job seeker and a hiring manager, I know how it feels to be you, the job seeker; I also know how it feels to be the individual doing the hiring, so you will benefit from my experience, especially knowing what employers look for on applicants’ resumes.
  5. Also, with today’s technology, where often computers, not humans, screen resumes, I can provide assistance with writing about you in a way that meets technological selection targets and grabs the attention of hiring parties.

When I work with you to provide resume help, I use a 4-step Door-Opener process:

  1. Discuss – We will spend time talking about your job interests, career dreams, and how you and I feel I can help you.
  2. Observations—I will review both your current resume and jobs which interest you.
  3. Offer Expertise—After formulating recommendations, I will ensure you understand specific improvement ideas for your resume. I will teach you how to implement the suggestions with which you are comfortable. *
  4. Revisions—You will update and enhance your resume and apply for positions with your newly modified resume. And we can both watch the doors start to open. *

* Steps 3 and 4 may need to be repeated until we both feel the resume is in door-opening shape.

As you can see, the 4-Step Door-Opener process is a collaborative effort on your part and mine. We will work together to refine and polish your resume so that it speaks volumes, on paper, about what you can do for future employers.

I want to help you with your resume, because I want you to feel good about your skills, abilities, and accomplishments. You want to see doors open for you, and so do I. Let me partner with you so that employers look more closely and seriously at what you can do for them. Let’s begin to work together to open up doors for you.

Getting in the door for an interview is one thing; doing well enough in an interview to get a job offer is another. Please keep in mind that you may need interview help as well. That, too, is something for which I can provide assistance. Please click here to go to my page on interview help.

There are always door openings. And gradually, it accumulates.
The opportunities open up in front of you.
–Buzz Aldrin