Restoring Loyalty at Work with a Loyalty Policy

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Employee LoyaltySearch the web for corporate “Loyalty Policies” and you will likely find links to organizations which have created loyalty programs for their customers.  Very few sources are sited as to having a loyalty policy between employee and employer.  Zero policies were found which related to the employers’ loyalty to employees.

Is that a statement of where loyalty exists in today’s workplace?

Would it be so much to ask employees and top brass to sign a policy which required everyone to provide an honest exchange of ideas and feedback to foster top performance?  Would workplaces improve retention, engagement, and trust if all employees pledged loyalty to their co-workers, customers, suppliers, and ultimately the company?

Well what would a loyalty pledge entail?  The one loyalty policy I could find was from SayItSocial.  It explains that all participants in the company (employees, partners, independent contractors, and guest bloggers) “adhere to the highest business standards.”  It goes on to say that participants “should act as they would for themselves…contributing to the growth, morals and high standards set forth by the company.”

Trust me, I am not naïve enough to believe that every employee signing a corporate policy would automatically increase loyalty.  There would need to be a concerted effort, on many fronts, to shift corporate culture higher on the loyalty continuum.  Behavior most associated with loyalty would need to be exemplified, encouraged, and reinforced.

For companies wishing to increase employee retention, employee engagement, job satisfaction, commitment, and, as a byproduct, improve relations with customers and suppliers, a loyalty policy may make sense.

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