Time and Priority Management

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(8 hours or less)

When people talk about your punctuality do they say that you’ll be late for your own funeral?  Do you consistently miss deadlines?  Have you so much work that you can’t decide where to even begin?  Do the ideas of planning, organizing, and setting goals intimidate you?  If you answered yes to some of these questions, then this workshop is for you.  This workshop is intended for procrastinators and for people who are way too busy.  You will discover how your current work habits have developed over time, what positive changes you can make, reduce stress, and improve your productivity level.

What People Are Saying about this Seminar

“Our department has made plans to set some new ideas in motion.  Personally, I plan to continue to evaluate my processes and try to improve.”

“Enjoyed every minute of it!”

“Understanding myself much better to work on my time management skills & also to have better understanding of others.”

“Karen is a very good facilitator.”

“Very valuable for day-to-day tasks.”

“Very informative and interactive.”

“I have learned a lot of things that I think will be helpful – especially with determining what my priorities are.”

“Interactive, interesting, educational and helpful both personally and professionally.”

“I believe everyone can take something from this workshop to benefit their personal and professional life.”

“Great.  Karen gave me ways of looking at things in a different perspective.”

“Very interesting class.  Karen is a very good instructor.  Good information.”

“Karen has great insight.  She is very open and helpful.  Very informative!”

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