Thorns in Your Side Today; Bloomin’ Roses Tomorrow

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(1.5 hours)

In every aspect of our lives we are challenged with people who are thorns in our sides.  They are irritating, annoying, infuriating, exasperating, etc. (meaning you fill in the rest), and they can drive us crazy.  In this workshop you will learn about changing your thought process and perspective (since it’s impossible to change them), and start viewing those thorns as bloomin’ roses.

What People Are Saying about this Seminar

“I use what I’ve learned from those classes everyday and it’s really helped me out a lot. Things are so much easier now. Thank you for listening and sharing with me. I can honestly say it was a life changing experience and it’s been for the better!”

“These essential skills are needed by everyone at all levels to improve the health of the organization.  Thanks to what I learned from Karen, both my professional and personal relationships have improved!”

“Everyone should take this course! It was easy to relate with Karen, as she provided excellent examples of how to handle the tough situations I often encounter. I use the new strategies learned in her course everyday! “

“I love listening to Karen speak.  She motivates me.  Her teaching style is always engaging and fun.”

“Seminar was enlightening—Thank you!”

“Excellent session!  I took a lot away from this and will continue to use what I learned both at work and at home.”

“Overall, very educational.  Eye opener to help myself learn and grow.”

“Very interesting and upbeat.”

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