Overcoming Job Search Anxiety May Require Resume Help

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Are you waffling about whether or not to go after finding a new job? My guess is that you’re talking to yourself, and the conversation you’re having, between Pro-You (the part of you that wants to find something else) and Con-You (the part of you that is hesitant) might sound something like this:

Pro-You: “I could be doing so much better; I deserve better; I really should find a new job.”
Con-You: “Yeah, but my resume isn’t updated; that’s so much work. I need resume help.”
Pro-You: “The job market is opening up. Now is the time to make a move.”
Con-You: “Yeah, but I really like the people I work with; I’d miss them too much.”
Pro-You: “There are much better jobs, bosses, and companies out there. Just go for it!
Con-You: “Yeah, but I’m comfortable where I’m working.”

Notice that the Pro-You comments are optimistic, hopeful, and encouraging (for you), while the Con-You retorts are all designed to keep you where you are, safe, and possibly in a position of not developing yourself to your full potential (possibly against you)—truly amplified by all the “yeah, buts.” This wavering must be driving you nuts, and, truth be told, making you uncomfortable. Ah, but uncomfortable can actually be a good thing. Uncomfortable can drive you to action, if you allow that to happen.

First off, you need to make a decision. The decision isn’t about staying or going, at least not yet. The decision is about pursuing a new job. The decision is about looking at other opportunities. The decision is about getting your house in order, writing a resume, and beginning a job search.

There is help for you in creating a new resume and learning how to interview to show the best you have to offer. Click on the links to learn more about the resume and interview coaching I can provide for you.

Don’t let the con-artist within you get the best of you and hold you back; that is just fear and anxiety talking. The time may be now for you to take a chance, explore, and see what is possible.

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