Overcome Fears and Just Dream

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There are so many reasons our dreams never come to fruition:

            1.  Other people discourage us

            2.  Life gets in the way

            3.  We discourage ourselves

            4.  We make excuses

            5.  We don’t make the pursuit of our dreams a top priority

            6.  We are afraid

 If any of the items listed above have derailed you from going after your dreams, you’re in good company; most of us have run into at least one of the six items above on probably more than one occasion.  One disapproving comment from a friend or relative can have us believing that our dreams are unattainable.  Work, family, commitments, and crises can shift our focus from our dreams to other pressing matters. Our own doubts and negativity can stop us dead in our tracks. Not working toward making the time, saving money, and searching for resources to assist us in achieving our dreams can put an end to our pursuits.  When we’re too busy taking care of everyone else’s needs before our own, we have little time or energy for our own desires.

I think the biggest culprit in terms of why we don’t pursue and achieve our dreams is # 6 on the list above – we are afraid.  What are we afraid of exactly?

            A.  Our own inadequacies

            B.  Fear of what others think

            C.  Fear of failure

Having a happier, richer, and more fulfilling life depends greatly on how you look at things.  I really think we’re going to prove our own inadequacy by NOT moving forward and trying to reach our dreams.  Our dreams are OUR dreams, for us, fulfilled by us, and appreciated by us; what other people think about our dreams is not really any of our business.  And failure?  Is there really such a thing as a failed dream?  More importantly, do you have the courage to fail?

As long as you are learning, growing, developing new skills, making new contacts, building up your self-esteem, etc., pursuing, but not achieving your dreams, can only be looked at as success, not failure.  That is, unless you choose to look at it as failure.  And, if you do (and I hope you don’t), you’ll be well on your way to preventing yourself from making strides toward achieving your dreams.  As Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. says, “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” (a great read, by the way, to help overcome fear).

Have courage, be tenacious, go forward,

and start working on your dreams!

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  1. Sheri

    I also think people fear accomplishing their dreams. That would make them have to reevaluate and ask “now what” and also sustain their levels.

    • Karen

      Totally agree with you, Sheri. Many of us fear accomplishing our dreams. Thoughts like the following can consume us–How will my life change and how will I be able to handle it? How will I be able to top the dream achieved? What will others expect of me if I already did what I set out to do? Hope you get past all your fears and set out to achieve your dreams, Sheri.

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