Our Story

Karen Shulman

Nurturing Personal and Professional Growth

Have you ever wondered how you ended up where you are in life right now?  I ponder this question frequently.  My work background, which is as unique as I am, looks like this: financial analyst, turned manager of money & banking, turned compensation manager, turned human resource generalist, turned self-employed business consultant and licensed massage therapist and teacher and author and coach.  Not your typical career path!

I’m one of those baby-boomers that realized there was more to life than a big paycheck and wonderful material things.  In the early 90’s, I had everything I wanted, yet I was miserable.  Something was wrong with my living the American-dream, but what?

Well, first off, I really didn’t like my job.  While my goals were to help employees grow personally and professionally, identify ways to improve management and employee relationships, and assist with building cohesive, loyal teams of employees, I was far from doing that.  My HR position involved reducing headcount; I spent most of my time terminating employees.  Secondly, and probably most importantly, I wasn’t having much fun.  I was very serious and angry all the time, my creativity was stifled, as was my sense of humor.

So I separated myself from the company—chucked my big corporate job and paycheck and began my journey of self-employment in 1993.  While working as a part-time business consultant, I put myself through massage therapy school.  In January of 1995, I became a licensed massage therapist and the proud owner of Hands-On Consulting, Inc.  In short order, I learned that massage therapy was more in line with what I had hoped to accomplish by working in corporate HR.  I was much better able to converse and coach people to help them grow personally, professionally, and identify ways to improve relationships.  Now that’s what I called “living the dream.”

I Never Meant To Be FunnyTransitioning from the corporate world, my paycheck grew far smaller, and my love for life grew much greater.  I tried my hand at writing, and, in fact, self-published my first book called I Never Meant to be Funny: True Mother and Daughter Stories.


If I’m so not into material things, why is my logo a pearl? I’ve been told I am like a pearl—a jewel, a diamond in the rough, tough, durable, strong, yet sensitive.  Depending on the light and surroundings, the pearl will show its luster and beauty in different ways. Pearls, and in particular black pearls, mean eternal love.  The qualities of the pearl are evident in my work and as I live my life.

Since leaving the corporate world, I have had two major lines of work — licensed massage therapy and business consulting.  On the consulting side, I create and present workshops and motivational speeches on a vast array of topics; I help organizations obtain data to determine employee satisfaction levels and set strategies targeted for improvement; I am a virtual Human Resources employee, lending helping hands, heart, and mind to whatever organizations need; and, most recently, I coach individuals and teams to identify, plan for, and achieve their dreams.

Today, I dream about having love, peace, and joy in my life. I still want to help people grow personally and professionally, identify ways to improve relationships, and assist with building cohesive, loyal teams of employees.  My Certified Dream Manager work is the closest thing I’ve ever done to meet the objectives I established way back when.

I dream about helping you.