Our Process

Our Process

Our process is to first gather information by discussing your specific needs with you.  We will explore:

  • The issues you are currently facing
  • The attempts, if any, you have made to previously address the issues
  • Your description of what it will look like to have the issues put to rest

After fact gathering concludes, Hands-On Consulting will determine the best course of action to take to resolve your issues. The solution may be singularly or multi-faceted, and will likely include a form of training, coaching, and/or modification/addition to your Human Resources processes.

A formal proposal will be developed and presented to you, outlining the scope, objectives, approach, and outcomes from the work to be done on your behalf.  Pricing will be provided as well.

Once the proposal is reviewed and finalized, work will begin at a mutually agreeable time.

If at any time during the work engagement you have questions or concerns, you are encouraged to let us know.

At the conclusion of the work, you will be asked to provide feedback about our services so that we may better serve you and our other customers in the future.  Just as we help you to grow professionally and personally, we want to do the same; your evaluation of our services is instrumental in ensuring we continuously improve.