Interview Coaching

You May Need Interview Help to Land Your Next Job

You know you are a good person, a great employee, someone who works both smart and hard, and that you have a lot to offer future employers. Somehow, you just cannot seem to get all of that across when you interview for jobs. Let’s face it; interviewing can be anxiety-producing, difficult, and frustrating if the end results are not what you want. How can interviewing be that hard? Is there such a thing as getting interview help?

Trying to go it alone when it comes to interviews often leaves people feeling disappointed and discouraged. For some of us, interviewing is painful, almost tortuous. I’m here to tell you that interviewing does not have to be that way. With interviews, and especially behavioral interviews, you can learn to master the art of interviewing and achieve more successful results. I can help you.

You may find yourself described below, because this is often where people have issues with interviews:

  • Your nervousness and/or fear gets the best of you in interviews
  • You lack confidence in yourself when it comes to interviews
  • You feel you stumble and bumble with your answers to interview questions
  • You have great work experience but employers never seem to ask the right questions that would allow you to elaborate on your skills, abilities, and knowledge
  • You have gaps in your work history that you are unsure how to handle during the interview
  • You had issues in a past job that you do not know how to talk about in a way interviewers will understand or accept
  • You are not getting job offers after interviews and you have no idea what you are doing wrong

If any of the above describe you when it comes to interviews, then you need interview help.

You may look great on paper (your resume).  When it comes to interviewing, you also need to look and sound great in person, on video, or over the phone. If you want to do better in interviews and receive job offers, you need the help of an interview coach—someone who can help you interview better and guide you to tell your work history and your story in a meaningful and productive way.

You have come to the right place for interview help. I can assist you in describing your skills, abilities, and accomplishments in ways which employers will take notice and want you to join their team.

How can I be so sure I can help you?

  1. I have successfully coached many others.
  2. My clients overcame the interview-related issues they had been having.
  3. Having been both a job seeker and a hiring manager, I know how it feels to be you, the job seeker; I also know how it feels to be the individual doing the interviewing, so you will benefit from my experience, especially knowing what employers look for in interviews (the things that automatically put you in the “no” category, and the things that make you somebody employers want to hire).
  4. I will teach you about behavioral interviewing and how to describe the work results you have achieved for other employers in your past and what you will be able to do for your future employer when they hire you.
  5. Perhaps most importantly, all of my clients have successfully landed jobs.

To provide interview help, I use a 7-Step Process:

  1. Talk—We will spend time discussing your job/career dreams and how I can help with interviews.
  2. Review—I will review both your current resume and jobs which interest you and assess the skills, abilities, qualifications, and knowledge about which employers will most likely want to inquire when they interview you. I will then develop relevant practice interview questions.
  3. Practice—We will go through at least one, maybe more, mock interviews. *
  4. Share Expertise—After working together on mock interviews, I will provide you with feedback about how you communicated and impressions you made. I will provide recommendations to improve the way you interview the next time, helping you to evaluate what you say and what you don’t say by thinking more like an employer. *
  5. The Details—We will talk about all the details about what to bring with you to the interview, how best to prepare to learn more about your interviewers and their companies, your appearance, and other details meaningful to your situation.
  6. Confidence Check—I will help you work through your anxiety and nervousness, ensuring you feel confident about upcoming interviews.
  7. Debrief—After your interview(s), we will discuss what was asked, how you answered, and identify ways to continually improve your interviewing skills.

* Steps 3 and 4 may need to be repeated until we both feel the resume is in door-opening shape.

As you can see, the 7-Step Process is a collaborative effort on your part and mine. We will work together to refine and polish your interviewing skills so that you learn to speak confidently about how you are clearly the best choice for the job for your future employer.

I want to help you with your interviewing, because I want you to feel good about your skills, abilities, and accomplishments. Let me partner with you so that employers look more closely and seriously at what you can do for them. Let’s begin to work together to land you your next job.

If you are not getting interviews, your resume may be part of the problem. Please keep in mind that you may need resume help as well. That, too, is something for which I can provide assistance. Please click here to go to my page on resume help.