I Never Meant to be Funny: True Mother and Daughter Stories

 I never Meant To Be Funny: True Mother Daughter Stories I Never Meant to be Funny evokes memories of those one-of-a-kind family moments that enrich our everyday lives with laughter.

Have you met people that just do funny things without even trying? For some folks, simple, everyday events create opportunities for comedy. In Karen Shulman’s case, the funniest stories she has encountered have involved her mother, grandmother, and even herself. You will be amazed at the number of stories and details recalled in this sit-down-and-laugh-out-loud collection. Shulman tells her stories with a dry wit that invites you to imagine yourself there, to witness each story first hand.

I Never Meant to be Funny will inspire you to remember and perhaps record your own funniest memories. Learning to laugh at ourselves and with others is one of life’s greatest gifts. There’s never enough laughter in the world; there’s always room for more.

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Case of Mistaken Identity

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What people are saying about I Never Meant to Be Funny

“This book is a great read! It does help knowing one of the ‘characters’ in the book, but I cannot imagine any one reading this and not laughing out loud! It is one of those books you read that you will not forget because you will repeat the stories. They are written with much love and an uncanny way of making you feel like you are sitting with the storyteller (preferably over a bowl of ice cream). The ability for the storyteller to also laugh at herself shows that both mother and daughter possess a great sense of humor (even if only one is aware of it). ENJOY IT I did!”

Kerrie Adams

“Every now and then I read something that makes me remember…and contemplate…and laugh, really laugh. Mother Stories is such a book. Every daughter and mother and grandmother and reader will relate to the unique, loving, humorous, and clearly human relationships set forth in these stories. So, read them. And allow yourself to remember, contemplate, and laugh , really laugh.”

Janine Avila

“I read Mother Stories and instantly began to relate to its down to earth style and presentation of the funny moments in one’s life. When we take time to reflect on the simple things in life, we sometimes see how relationships, family, etc. are blessings that are truly enhanced by (with) laughter.”

Laurie Mahler

“Hilarious! Mother Stories brings us all back to the humorous interactions with daughters, mothers, grandmothers, and every other family member. The book reminds us of similar occurrences in our own families that have caused non-stop laughter and stories to tell for generations!”

Diane Bostleman

“Great mother, daughter family stories told in a loving way that are guaranteed to make you laugh and visualize the moment. Not many families can match this number of funny stories told on themselves. After you quit laughing and enjoying their tales, you will find yourself smiling as you start to reflect on your own family’s funny moments.”

Alice Todd

“Karen’s dry sense of humor shines as she pays tribute to her mother with this collection of short stories”

Fred Dannhauser

“Mother Stories will make you laugh out loud. It’s written with love and caring. You can feel Karen’s love of her family in each story and you can actually hear her tell the stories. It’s great that she can also laugh at herself in some of the stories as well as other family members. I’m not a reader and I thoroughly enjoyed the book.”

Judy Beckert

Mother Stories is a heartwarming composition that everyone can relate to who has had a mother figure in their lives. You will find yourself laughing, crying, and reminiscing in you own past. This is definitely a must read that will leave you smiling.”

Amy Thompson