Getting the Most Out of Your Interview Coach

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How do athletes improve their proficiency at their sports? What do the best chefs do to perfect their craft? Why are some salespeople able to hone their pitches to gain sales the vast majority of the time? The answer is twofold:

1. They are coached
2. They practice

Being a great interviewee also takes coaching and practice. Seldom in my career have I met someone who is a natural at interviewing (maybe only one time). There are tricks of the interviewing trade, if you will, that can be learned and mastered when you get the most out of your interview coach.

While not exclusively a verbal exercise if you consider pre- and post- interview activities, interviewing requires a lot of talking. How you phrase your answers and ask your questions can make the difference between getting a job offer or not. How well you prepare for your interviews will make lasting impressions on those who interview you. Your non-verbals speak volumes about you and can make or break the impact you have on prospective employers.

Getting the most out of your job interview coach will require that you be open to some very honest feedback about how you word your responses, how you dress for interviews, your body language, and your knowledge about the job/company to which you are applying. In addition, working with and getting the most out of your job interview coach means you have to practice better ways of communicating, both verbally and non-verbally, and you must do research to land your next job.

I would be happy to help you understand the area(s) where you can improve your interviewing skills, and, if needed, your resume. Contact me to learn more about job interview coaching and how we can work together.

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