Focus on Tangible Results on Your Resume

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One of the most common issues I see when reviewing resumes is the listing of tasks or projects within the “Experience” section. You may have just read that last sentence and thought, “Aren’t you supposed to list what you did within the ‘Experience’ portion of the resume?” Well, yes you are. However, merely listing tasks or projects talks about the job, not what you have accomplished in the job.

Remember, resumes are an advertisement/selling tool for you to hopefully be asked to participate in an interview with future employers. So, on the resume, you need to sell what you have done in the jobs you have had. Instead of merely listing tasks/projects, you should describe the results you accomplished and the impact you made by performing those tasks or working on those projects.

For example, for an individual with accounting experience, instead of putting on your resume that you “Completed and distributed month end reports to key stakeholders,” you need to add a results component. Your task/project statement could be elongated to read, “Completed and distributed month end reports to key stakeholders within 2 hours of closing to enable more timely and accurate decision making.” As a very important side note, the results component needs to be truthful, as does everything on your resume.

If you want to make your resume stand out to prospective employers, focus on results. And, truly, you will be doing the same in your interviews—talking about your results and impact – so that you stand out from other applicants.

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