Q?How can helping others fulfill their personal dreams impact my business or work environment?

In our businesses today, we must find ways to retain and engage employees so that they are more happy, hopeful, and passionate about their work.  Dreams do that for all of us.  Dare to dream, believe you can achieve, pursue your heart’s desire, and watch energy levels, passion, and hopefulness soar.

As Matthew Kelly, author of The Dream Manager suggests, “If your employees are not passionate about their own lives, how can you expect them to be passionate about your business?”

Most employees who go through an employer sponsored Dream Manager Program experience the following:

  • Being happier at both work and home
  • Have increased their personal energy
  • Feel physically and mentally healthier
  • Have improved job satisfaction
  • Experience more balance in their work and personal lives
  • Consider themselves to be more productive at work
  • Better teamwork
  • Achieving some of their dreams

Encouraging employees to dream and helping them take action to pursue their dreams is a smart business idea.  What better way can you show your employees that you care about them and are invested in helping them improve their lives?  Dream Manager work is an opportunity to promote loyalty, retention, and help your bottom line.

Q?What is the significance of the name Hands-On Consulting, Inc.?

Karen started her own company with two distinct divisions—management consulting and licensed massage therapy.  The name Hands-On Consulting, Inc. was created because it identified the way in which Karen approaches all of her work – she is very hands-on when she works with consulting and massage therapy clients.

Q?In broad categories, what services does Hands-On Consulting, Inc. provide?
  • Certified Dream Manager Coaching
  • Training – workshop and seminar development and delivery
  • Team-building
  • Human Resources Contract Services
  • Resume and Interview Coaching
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Licensed Massage Therapy
Q?Explain the concept behind the Dream Manager?

The concept behind the Dream Manager is a process by which individuals and groups can begin to identify and pursue their dreams and hopes for the future. Being coached through the Dream Manager process normally produces an awakening–participants begin to go after things they want in life, which has a direct impact upon their level of energy and happiness.  In turn, individuals and groups begin to view their lives in a more expansive way, seeing the possibilities and knowing they have the power to make positive changes in their personal and professional worlds.  From an individual’s perspective, zest for life and loyalty to oneself increases.  From a business’ perspective, because the organization offers and supports The Dream Manager Program, participants become more engaged and happier in their work.

Q?How does the Dream Manager Program work?

Whether participating individually or within a group, the Certified Dream Manager facilitates the process of going through the Dream Manager Program.  The program begins with every participant writing out a list of 100 dreams.  From there, dreams are prioritized, action steps identified, and participants are off and running toward dream achievement.  Every Dream Manager session has a specific topic of discussion and take-home assignments to help participants stay focused, overcome obstacles, and garner ideas for how to live life in a more expansive way.

Q?What is a Certified Dream Manager?

A Certified Dream Manager is a life coach, certified by Floyd Consulting, trained to assist individuals and teams toward dream fulfillment.  As a certified Dream Manager, Karen rouses the inner dreamer in people in order to improve their job performance and connections with others.

Q?What does a Certified Dream Manager do for me?

Certified Dream Managers collaborate with individuals and teams to build strategies and action plans to accomplish their dreams.  They play the roles of challenger, nudging others to continue striving, cheerleader, and encouraging people to become the best-version-of-themselves.  A Certified Dream Manager ensures that those being coached are being personally accountable.  All of this is done while being neutral, a confidante, and having only an agenda of helping others.

Q?Why did Karen choose the Dream Manager Program as the foundation upon which to work?

Karen found the Dream Manager Program to be inspirational and brilliant—such a simple yet powerful idea.  As an HR professional, finding a process which lights a fire within each person to live life more fully, to be happier, especially at work, and more engaged in life is what she always hoped HR work would be about.  It’s a self-tailored process that allows each participant to create their own journey of becoming better versions of themselves. The Dream Manager Program is Karen’s ticket to help individuals and groups grow both personally and professionally.


Q?What is the difference between a dream and a goal?

Dreams and goals are similar, since they both represent something that somebody wants to achieve.  They both can be hoped for, difficult to attain, and sometimes far removed from one’s present situation.  However, where dreams and goals often differ is the driving force behind each.  Goals typically have a driving force of “I have to…” or “It’s a necessity for work.”  With dreams, the motivators tend to be hope, aspiration, and happiness.  Given the two sets of motivators, most of us would choose dreams.  That’s the best kind of inspiration, and much better footing from which to proceed with the journey of fulfilling our own desires.