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Employee Loyalty

Loyalty is a Two-Way Street
Find good employees. Make them happy. Retain them. Reap the rewards.

On average, U.S. corporations lose half of their employees in four years.*  Almost 33% of baby boomers surveyed say a lack of trust in leadership is a top turnover trigger; only 28% of generation X employees expect to stay with their current employers; millenials need employers with a strong commitment to corporate responsibility, volunteerism, and making work “fun.”**

One out of every two workers (50%) report that they are dissatisfied with or indifferent toward their current job.***  Research shows that employee disloyalty at this level negatively impacts business performance by as much as 25 to 30 percent.****  How can any business leader or manager be expected to grow a profitable business with the threat of employee turnover this high?

Organizations understand the business and economic effect of unhappy and disengaged employees on retention, waste, the bottom line, and the world.  When your employees are unfulfilled, the impact on your business is all-encompassing. Finding and keeping good employees is critical to your ability to compete successfully in the New Economy.

Many businesses live to make the world a better place. They yearn to serve their employees by helping them focus on ways to improve their efficiency, interpersonal communication, and zest for life.  They walk the talk about exceeding customers’ expectations, all the while valuing the connection between happy employees and providing outstanding customer service.  Their business actively participates with the communities in which they operate.  They are a compassionate business, meaning that while the bottom line is important, it is not the essence of their being; serving humanity, including employees and customers, is what they value the most.

Does this sound like you?

It is possible to help employees become more engaged, loyal and fulfilled.

  • What if you provided coaching for your employees so that they could start envisioning and realizing their dreams?
  • What if employees’ dreams aided your business in improving efficiencies and customer service?
  • What if, because of a workplace program you initiated, your employees did things to make the world a better place?
  • What if your workplace was a happier place to be and your organization became known as one of the best places to work?
* The Loyalty Effect: The Hidden Force Behind Growth, Profits, and Lasting Value
by Frederick F. Reichheld and Thomas Teal
** Monster Worldwide Survey
*** Deloitte Consulting, “Talent Edge 2020: building the Recovery Together-What
Talent Expects and How Leaders Are Responding.”
**** Ethical Leadership by Dr. Linda Ferrell

A Coaching Program for Compassionate Businesses

Are you at a stage in your professional life where you want those working with you to be more contented and excited about their lives?  Do you want to offer a unique way to reward and recognize the employees you have come to know and value?  Would having passionate employees make a positive impact on your organization and the world?

You have worked hard to create the business that you have, but reaching employees with impactful incentives is not as easy as it used to be.  You want to have a competitive advantage in retaining and engaging employees in your workplace.  You desire new and innovative ways to mold and shape your business, elevate your value in customers’ eyes, and help advance the planet.

Hands-On Consulting offers guidance and support

Hands-On Consulting provides a systematic process, the Dream Manager Program, to help your employees articulate, prioritize, plan for and pursue their personal and professional dreams.

The Dream Manager Program was built on the true experiences, written about in parable fashion, in author Matthew Kelly’s The Dream Manager. The Dream Manager Program is a unique approach of guiding individuals, groups, or teams which transforms lives inside and outside of work.

The Dream Manager Program includes coaching on:

  • Dream determination
  • Enhancing relationships
  • Money and dreams
  • Stimulating intellect
  • Understanding yours and others’ personalities
  • Expanding professional dreams
  • Improving physical well-being
  • Becoming a better version of yourself

The Dream Manager Program is a way to gain more clarity around goals and dreams, experience greater balance in life, and increase engagement.  Read more about it at: http://karenshulman.com/certified-dream-manager/.

Why Hands-On Consulting and the Dream Manager Program Works

I choose to offer the Dream Manager Program because it moves people and the world forward, rekindling the zest for life that is within each of us.

The Dream Manager Program helps people become happier, healthier, more compassionate, and on a mission to live more fully each and every day.

If your organization is like most businesses, your employees need a wake-up call to understand that they have all the power to experience so much of what this beautiful world has to offer.  And they have all the abilities to make this beautiful world a better place in which to live.

The Dream Manager Program is the wake-up call for which you and your employees have been yearning.