Empty Nester Services

Empty Nesters Services

Spark Your Dreams

Write your list of 100 dreams, prioritize which ones you’ll pursue within the next year, within 5 years, and beyond 5 years, and develop specific action plans to move you toward dream fulfillment.  Sessions can be presented live or via telephone/Skype.

Feather Your Empty Nest

Twelve one-on-one coaching sessions, one per month, over a one-year period, to teach you how to rekindle your passion for life and live in more fulfilling ways during your next chapter.  The program  includes: Session 1–Your Essential Purpose; Session 2–The Architecture of Dreams; Session 3–Money and Your Dreams, Part 1; Session 4–Money and Your Dreams, Part 2; Session 5–The Genius of Personality; Session 6–Time and Energy; Session 7–Physical Mastery; Session 8–Emotional Mastery; Session 9–Intellectual Mastery; Session 10–Spiritual Mastery; Session 11–Professional Mastery; Session 12–Your Character is Your Destiny.  Sessions can be presented live or via telephone/Skype.