Dreams and Positively Impacting Your Life

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As a kid, I used to dream about being a professional athlete; the fact that there were few, if any, professional sports leagues for women was never a deterrent. I dreamed about it anyway, and, despite in never happening, it was awesome to think about.  I dreamt about becoming a massage therapist; seriously, I did.  And I became one.  I thought about writing a book and accomplished that dream, as well.  I had visions of having a great job, owning my own home, driving a nice car, all which has happened.  My dreams have positively impacted my life.

            Over the past few years, I can honestly say, I stopped dreaming.  Or, if I did dream, I stopped taking action.  Guess I was satisfied with the way things were, and I had accomplished so much of what my dreams had fueled.

            My question to you is, “When did you stop dreaming?”

            Your story and mine are probably similar.  As a kid, the dreams just kept coming.  As an adult, they’ve been almost non-existent. Now, it’s possible that, as an adult, you didn’t acknowledge many of your dreams as dreams, but you probably accomplished several.  And then, after a while, there were no more dreams impacting your life.

            As adults, why do we stop dreaming?  Are we too old?  No, I don’t believe that.  Do we try to rationalize that we’ve accomplished all we set out to do?  If that were true, why are many of us so dissatisfied with our lives?

            Perhaps we forget how dreams can impact our lives.

            I know what dreaming, especially lately, has done for me.  I’m passionate about the dreams I’ve written down and am pursuing.  I’m hopeful that my future will be better than my past.  I have more energy, am accomplishing more, and feel much more satisfied with my life.  I see results and I am doing things in my life that bring me happiness.

            I challenge you to start dreaming again.  Write down your dreams.  (Here’s an idea for you; opt-in on by providing your email address on my website and receive a Dream Worksheet to help you begin.)  Start taking action to make them reality.  Energize yourself.  Give hope to yourself.  Make yourself happy.  Dream and impact your life in a positive way.

            For more information, please watch my video called Dreams and Impacting Your Life on ToledoBizconnectTV.  And feel free to contact me to learn more about Certified Dream Manager work.

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  1. Veronica

    YES!!! I would love a Dream Work Sheet.
    You have challenged me at every corner since our meeting; pushing me in to unchartered territories; delving deeper. There is so much more to discover. You have helped me to fulfill my greatest dream. Thank you.

    • karen

      Your kind words and heart-felt comments are thoughts I could say about you, too. My deepest thanks to you, Veronica.

  2. ET

    Thanks,Karen – i can’t wait to receive a Dream Work Sheet and start realizing my dreams! Your passion is contagious. Thanks for sharing.

    • Karen

      Thanks for commenting on my post, ET. Keep fueling your dreams!

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