What is a Certified Dream Manager

  • A life coach, trained and certified by Floyd Consulting, schooled in coaching
    individuals and teams toward dream fulfillment
  • An assister to aid others in identifying and prioritizing their dreams
  • A collaborator in building a strategy to help individuals/teams accomplish
    their dreams
  • A challenger to ensure that individuals and teams continue striving for
    dream attainment, despite obstacles and barriers
  • An encourager to help individuals and teams become the
  • A personal accountability builder for the individuals and teams served
  • A neutral third-party and confidante without a self-serving agenda

Why do you need a Certified Dream Manager?

For Individuals

  • Improve personal and professional relationships
  • Focus on a brighter future
  • Create a balanced life
  • Become more engaged in life
  • Improve health and well-being
  • Increase personal satisfaction
  • Overcome fears and build self-esteem

For Organizations

  • Increase employee engagement
  • Offer a benefit providing a competitive advantage to retain employees
  • Improve employee job satisfaction
  • Increase teamwork
  • Develop employee leadership skills
  • Enhance career planning
“Thank YOU! The Dream Manager experience was a life-changing adventure, and you made it an unforgettable journey. I owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude for guiding me along the path.”

Terry Vernier

Fuel Your DreamsFuel Your Dreams

Busy work schedules, family, friends, involvement in personal and professional commitments, and just plain life, in general, often get in the way of dreaming about and pursuing what we want to do and who we want to be in our lives. If you’re like most of us, your dreams have either been put on the back burner or you don’t make time in your hectic days to dream anymore.  And even if you are chasing your dreams, there are so many things which can derail your efforts, that it is very challenging to stay the course.  This humorous, inspirational, and thought provoking presentation will assist you in recalling some of your dreams, motivate and challenge you to envision possibilities, and get you back on track toward fueling and achieving your dreams.

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Certified Dream Manager work is typically provided in monthly coaching sessions with individuals
and/or teams.  Contact Karen Shulman to learn more and structure a program for you.