Building Confidence as You Create a Resume

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One way to beat back the fear and anxiety that comes with a job search is to do things to build your confidence. Depending on where you are in the process, creating a resume and/or preparing for interviews can help you feel more assured about what you offer future employers.

So often, the work we do becomes so routine that we fail to see all the skills and abilities we have built and utilize to do our jobs efficiently and productively. We often see our tasks and projects as, “This is what I do all the time; it’s no big deal.” I will beg to differ with you; chances are excellent that the skills, abilities, and knowledge you have accumulated to perform well are valuable commodities in the eyes of prospective hiring managers.

So how do you go about feeling better about your talents? Where do you start? As a precursor to creating a resume, begin with writing about some of your favorite projects or tasks. Answer the following questions as you write:

• What is the task or project you enjoy?
• Why do you like to work on this particular task or project?
• Which skills, abilities, &/or knowledge do you have that enable you to perform well?
• How did you acquire those skills, abilities, &/or knowledge?
• What specifically do you uniquely do on the task or project that increases efficiency?
• What impact are you making at work by handling the task or project as well as you do?

After you write out a few examples about tasks or projects you enjoy, step back and re-read what you wrote. Does anything make you proud? Are you able to reflect on areas where you have honed new skills, making it clearer where you have grown and developed? Were you able to identify where you make others’ jobs easier, reduce costs, increase revenues, positively influence customer satisfaction, or make another kind of impact? Feeling any better about what you have to offer other employers? You may want to venture into writing about some of the tasks or projects you enjoy a little less, too.

You have now set the stage for creating a resume. Please feel free to contact me to obtain help with your resume or assistance with interview coaching.

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